Software Piracy


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Cos Communications, Inc. makes every effort to deliver and keep your PC, Server and Network up to date and in compliance with the Software Manufactures license agreements!

You (or your company) are responsible for storage and the safe keeping of your Software and software licenses.

It is important to remember that you or your company do not own the software!

It is under license to you by what ever company has granted you the license.

Cos Communications, Inc. installs your software with the understanding that you  will abide by the Software Manufactures license agreement!

Another common misconception is that you can transfer a preinstalled or OEM copy of Windows from an "old" machine to a new machine. An OEM software license may not be transferred from and old machine to a new machine—even if that machine is no longer in use. The OEM license is tied to the machine on which it was originally installed and can't be transferred to other machines. 

Microsoft aggressively protects it software licenses.

Please click on the above link to check out the most recent people and companies that have been successfully prosecuted.

Monday, December 27, 2010